“It took four years to build up, and just a few minutes to turn to ash.”

That's how Masterchef Sarah Todd describes what happened to her restaurant. The sad thing is it can happen to anyone who runs a commercial kitchen. By design, there are a lot of things in a commercial kitchen (e.g. cooking equipment) that can lead to a catastrophic fire. 

This is why you need to take fire prevention seriously if you're a restaurateur or in the food production business. That being said, let's talk about some of the best tips for preventing fires in a commercial kitchen. 

Top Things You Should Know About Fire Safety For Your Business

Taking a look at the ins and outs of fire safety for your business or office space. How to make sure your employees are protected from a fire emergency.

In New South Wales alone, there were almost 28,000 accidental fires between 2010 and 2015.

You don't want your workplace to be one of these incidents.

Thankfully, there are easy steps that you can take to create a proper fire safety plan. You don't have to be an expert to make your workplace safer for everyone.

Keep reading to learn how you can better prepare yourself for fire-related emergencies. 

Looking at the top tips and strategies for ensuring your business is fire safety compliant. How to make sure you are prepared for a fire emergency.

Mitigating danger is a big part of owning a business, no matter what company you run. In this regard, it is your duty to make sure that your workplace is 100% safety compliant. 

Learning all about fire safety will help you save lives, protect the workplace and avoid any sorts of penalties. Read below to learn how to make that happen. 

Did you know that less than 50% of building occupants feel confident of knowing what action to take and where to evacuate to during an emergency? This statistic is alarming for small and medium-sized business owners when it comes to fire prevention planning. Do your employees know your fire plan?

Working on fire prevention planning for your company? Here are some things you need to know about how to prevent a workplace fire.

While it's imperative to have proper fire safety training for your staff in the event of an emergency, consider these essential tips for your business. Do you handle flammables at your workplace? Are your employees safe from the risk of fire? You should have a fire safety plan for your business. It does not have to to be expensive to be effective. Essential Fire Safety Tips for The Workplace. When you are a leader, the safety of your employees is a crucial responsibility. Here are a few essential tips to help you.
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