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What You Should Know About Fire Safety For Your Business

Fire extinguisher in white corridor of the business center

What You Should Know About Fire Safety For Your Business

Top Things You Should Know About Fire Safety For Your Business

Taking a look at the ins and outs of fire safety for your business or office space. How to make sure your employees are protected from a fire emergency.

In New South Wales alone, there were almost 28,000 accidental fires between 2010 and 2015.

You don’t want your workplace to be one of these incidents.

Thankfully, there are easy steps that you can take to create a proper fire safety plan. You don’t have to be an expert to make your workplace safer for everyone.

Keep reading to learn how you can better prepare yourself for fire-related emergencies. 

Common Causes of Workplace Fires

Negligence and faulty equipment are the two biggest fire hazards in the workplace.

Regularly check the cables for all your wiring to see if they are fraying or worn-out. Try not to use extension cords for long periods of time, but if you must, make sure they are fire compliant. Cheap extension cords are more prone to fraying.

Never use multiple extension cords plugged into each other for long periods of time.

Furthermore, inspect equipment often to ensure it’s following proper safety guidelines.

Create a Safer Work Environment

According to an American study, 50% of all electrical fires are caused by problems with the electricity distribution. Unplug appliances when they are not in use. Proper ventilation will prevent appliances from overheating, so make sure air can circulate.

If your workplace uses machinery that sparks, make sure that the workshop is clear of flammable items. This includes scrap pieces of wood or paper products.

Even if you work in an office without machinery, it’s important to keep the area clutter-free. Empty the trash cans daily and have a proper filing system for your papers.

The storage room should not overlap with the mechanical room, however. If something were to overheat or cause a spark, your archives will act as kindling.

The basement and furnace room are also inappropriate places for storage. If you are lacking storage space, it may be wise to rent a storage unit. 

Have a Fire Safety Plan in Place

The Australian Standard 3745: Planning for Emergency in Facilities requires all Australian workplaces to undergo fire safety classes every year. Make sure your training is up to date to follow business fire regulations.

Additionally, ensure all exits are marked and accessible. Doors should remain closed when not in use so fires can be contained. Make sure your business has evacuation diagrams with defined escape routes.

If you work in an environment with heavy equipment, safety meetings are crucial for correct fire safety training. Teach all your employees how to use a fire extinguisher.

Have an evacuation plan with a defined assembly point. If you have a large company, have several meeting spots and have a way to communicate with the other areas.

Remember to take a headcount so you can make sure everyone made it out of the building safely. Practice your evacuation plan at least once a year so your employees are comfortable with the procedure.

Feel Safer at Work

By doing these simple things, you can feel more confident about your workplace safety.

Want to expand your knowledge on proper fire safety procedures even further? Contact us to schedule a training session.

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